Dada Shambhu Nath - Shabar Mantra Vidya Ashram

प्राचीन सिद्ध शाबर मंत्र साधना आश्रम  - Ancient Sidh Shabar Mantra Sadhna Ashram

Ancient Sidh Shabar Spells Spiritual Practice Temple

Dada Shambhu Nath : is historical and SidhPeeth (Sidh Doona) of baba Gorakhnaath (Naath Panth) at village Nahri.Baba Gorakhnaath is the creator of Shabar Mantra. The origin of Shabar Tantrik Mantra is Baba Gorakh Nath (Lord Shiva)

There is also a Historical Lord Shiva Temple, The lord Shiva Linga appeared automatically on this place, Since then this place is being worshiped for last 500 years.

So many aspirants of Baba Gorakhnath has been achieved accomplishment (siddhi) and they did so many miracle of Shabar Mantra. i.e. Baba Kude Naath, Baba Faker Naath, Baba Ganesh Naath etc.

Even now in this era these aspirants are continue on Shabar Mantra practice and achieve accomplishment. They usually do and show the miracle without any hesitation with the help of achieved Shabar Mantra accomplishment. Among all the India curious aspirant come here to learn Shabar Mantra Vidya.

Dada Shambhu
Dada Shambhu Far View

Dada Shambhu Ashram
Dada Shambhu Ashram Front View
Historical Temple of Lord Shiva
Historical Temple of Lord Shiva
This is the Temple where Lord Shiva Linga appeared automatically from the earth

Lord Shiva Linga
Automatically appeared Lord Shiva Linga

This shivling appeared from earth automatically, then villagers build all this temple. This shivlinga is really miracle.

Shabar Mantra Vidya Ashram
Top View of  Shabar Mantra Vidya Ashram

Dada Shambhu Nath - Shabar Mantra Vidya Ashram. Yes Aspirant of Baba Gorakhnath lives here. Lord Guru Baba GorkhNath had come here and do the patience here since then it is the historical place of Sidh Shabar vidya Ashram.

Shabar Mantra Vidya Spiritual Practice Place
Shabar Mantra Vidya Spiritual Practice Place
This is the pace where aspirant of Baba Gorakhnath do the spiritual practice for Shabar Mantra Vidya

Baba Kude Naath aspirant of baba Gorakhnaath
Baba Kude Naath aspirant of baba Gorakhnaath
Dada Shambhu Nath , Sidhpeeth of baba Gorakhnaath,  Shabar Tantrik Mantra, miracle of Shabar Mantra,  Baba Kude Naath, Baba Faker Naath, Baba Ganesh Naath, Historical Lord Shiva Temple in nahri, aspirant do the shabar mantra vidya spiritual practice

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