How to get rid of enemy शाबर धूमावती साधना SHABAR DHOOMAVATI SADHNA

How to get rid of enemy, शाबर धूमावती साधना SHABAR DHOOMAVATI SADHNA.

Ten Mahavidyaon seventh place in the mother and the mother of Dhoomawati this form is very fierce! This pattern is called the mother but the mother Alkshmi Not withstanding Alkshmi swaroopaa Lakshmi! According to one theory has it that the sacrifice sacrifice Prajapati Daksha did not invite Shiva! Mother Sati considered it an insult to Shiva and his body was burned in the fire that destroyed and the smoke from the fire woke her mother took the form of Dhumawati! There are many stories similar to the origin of Mother Dhumawati some of which is based on mythology and some folk beliefs! Nath sect were worshipers of the famous yogi proven Charptnath Dhumawati mother-in-law! Composed numerous treatises on Dhumawati mother and he also composed a number of spells Shabar

Here I am gives you a popular mantra of Mother Dhumawati which gives the effect very soon!!
When stuck in court proceedings or in court, etc. The use spells on enemies to be disturbed!
Man becomes strong and fearless after the worship of mother Dhumawati and the enemies sees him become mute...

|| मंत्र ||--
ॐ पाताल निरंजन निराकार
आकाश मंडल धुन्धुकार
आकाश दिशा से कौन आई
कौन रथ कौन असवार
थरै धरत्री थरै आकाश
विधवा रूप लम्बे हाथ
लम्बी नाक कुटिल नेत्र दुष्टा स्वभाव
डमरू बाजे भद्रकाली
क्लेश कलह कालरात्रि
डंका डंकिनी काल किट किटा हास्य करी
जीव रक्षन्ते जीव भक्षन्ते
जाया जीया आकाश तेरा होये
धुमावंतीपुरी में वास
ना होती देवी ना देव
तहाँ ना होती पूजा ना पाती
तहाँ ना होती जात न जाती
तब आये श्री शम्भु यती गुरु गोरक्षनाथ
आप भई अतीत
ॐ धूं: धूं: धूमावती फट स्वाहा !

Om patal narijan narikar
Aakash mandal dhunahunkar
Aaksh disha se kaun aaei
Kaun rath aswaar
Threy dhartari threy aakash
Vdhiva roop lambe hath
Lambi nakh kutil netra dushta sadbhav
Dumru baje bhadrakali
Kalesh kaleh kalratri
Danka dankini kal kati kati hasya kari
Jeev rakshyante jeev bhakshyante
Jaya jeeya aakash tera hoy
Dumavantipuri mein vaas
Na hota devi an dev
Taha na hoti pooja na pati
Taha na hoti jat na jati
Tb aaye sarir shubh yati guru gorakhnath
Aap bhee atit
Om dhu dhu dhumawati fat swaha!

|| VIDHI ||
Till 41 days, the mantra to recite a rosary every night ! burning Oil lamp and pay to the mother pudding! the mantra chanting to out of the house! Will prove to be the mantra!

|| PRAYOG VIDHI 1 ||Implementation
If an enemy disturb you with this mantra chanting in this manner to 11 days in the wilderness and at the end of the day chanting prayers of mother.

हे माँ ! मेरे  (अमुक)  शत्रु के घर में निवास करो ! “

“Hey maa ! mere (amuk) shatru ke ghar mein niwas karo!”

To do this, the enemy will start bickering at home talk and in Frustration he left the house and this fight will go away too!

How to do This Spiritual Practice of GET RID OF ENEMY
Cemeteries in whole-grown green leaves on a tree Acta, Acta milk of the same name written by the enemy Acacia tree at the morgue and finds a second break and bring a fork! Then the enemy by speaking the name of this mantra 108 times to prick! 5 days to do this, your enemy will be suffering from high fever for two months and will be so sad!

Note :- Use this mantra is even more deadly enemy which should be to destroy the family! Abuse of any kind of fear, I do not want to write here! The mantra of sin itself is liable to be abused!

Sidh Vashikaran Mantra
Shuker Dant Shabar Mantra
भैरव वशीकरण मन्त्र 

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INDIANS: इसी तरह के और भी अदभूत, चमत्कारी एवं शक्तिशाली शाबर मन्त्रों का संग्रह किया गया है और ईबुक तयार कि गयी है। क्योंकि सैकड़ों मन्त्रों को वेबसाइट पर डालना सम्भव नहीं है। आम जनता कि भलाई के लिए ईबुक तयार है इसीलिए यहाँ क्लिक करें और ईबुक्स डाउनलोड करें - कोई भी। कभी भी। धन्यवाद CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THESE BOOKS

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  1. i want get ride of enemy up to diwali give some fast sabar mantra

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    Englees samajhana ma dikat ho raha hai

    1. Kya Jaan na chahate hai ap ram murat ji

  3. Thanks guruji par dhomavati ki sadhanna gals karni sakti hai??

  4. Guruji mujhe merit dhoomavati ki Sadhana karni hai par ap mujhe diksha dene ki krupa Kar.

    1. Diksha ke liya to apko Sewa mein Hajir hona parega, Online formula kuch nahi hota

  5. guruji pranam vasikaran akarsan mohni yah kis tarah kam karta hai vasibhut
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  6. vasikaran
    kis tarah kam karti hai?

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    1. vasikaran, vasibhut, mohni sabhi ek hi hai. ek trhe se dusre pr control kerna.

      Shabar mantra sabhi svay sidh hote hai.

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    1. Ye Dhoomawati Mantra diya gaya Shatru Vinaash ke liya. Isme Najar Band jaisa kuch bhi nahi hai