गुरु जी के अचूक, चमत्कारी उपाय व् करामाती टोने टोटके

*** हिंदी में – IN HINDI VERSION: यौन शक्ति और संभोग सुख का वशीकरण मंत्र | अत्यंत तीव्र मुस्लिम शाबर वशीकरण मन्त्र प्रयोग | असली प्राचीन वशीकरण मंत्र | काले जादू की काट और उसको पलटना | मनचाहा प्यार पाने का अचूक शाबर मन्त्र | | धन लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति का अचूक चमत्कारी मायावी मंत्र | प्रभावी और अचूक वशीकरण सीखें घर पर ही, बिल्कुल आसान व् सरल प्रयोंगों से


What is Vashikaran Mantra | Hypnotism Spells

How to do: Kesar, Kasturi, Gorachan and as given below articles in mantra spells, grind the root of TUlsi an kapor and create the ink. Now write the ‘Yantra’ by it and write the mantra in the center of it. In place of Amuk write the name of desire person. And now write the different -2 mantra or spells as given below. After creating of this yantra, chant the spells of mantra for 11000 times, Obey the rules of celibacy. Spells chanting need to do on red sandal or Tulsi Rosary ...

This is very effective spells for hypnotism.
 Hypnotism Spells Time line
What is vashikaran mantra, vashi karan mantra mantra for vashikaran आकर्षण हेतु हनुमद्-मन्त्र-तन्त्र  hanumat mantra tantra for attraction or hypnotism ..

What is vashikaran mantra
What is vashikaran mantra
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  1. I'm having lots of problem working very hard for many years but no promotion no salary increases only working hard all the time I want a bank jobs with big salary I submit my CV already waiting for interview call but no reply

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  3. I want to conveince my parents as wel as my love parents for intercaste marrge please sir help me please.

    1. Please Use Tilak Mohan for your purpose to make happy your parents for inter-caste marriage, it have not any side or bad effect and parents will aggrre for your inter-cast marry

  4. Please tell me the tilak mohan

  5. I love a girl of different caste,but my family is forcing me to marry some other girl of their choice,even they have decided the date of marriage,what should I do?

  6. Pls help me.I loved a guy very much from past 3 n half years....
    I need to get married to him....
    Suggest me a powerful mantra....
    Which ll make him realise my true love....
    Waiting fr ur reply....
    Thank u....

  7. I want to fuck a women near my house plz help me tell m steps nothing is working

  8. Is there any vashikaran mantra for lesbian love problem?

    1. Sure you can find your desire lesbian love spell for your problem here

  9. I want to talk to you please give me ur num

  10. I have comments but show nai ho rhaa

  11. Sir , A girl want me very much and sometimes she is crying that plz accept me otherwise I will die but I love her also but don't want to marry her and she is also saying to me that you cannot marry me but she wants to sex with me.....but I am confused that after that she may tell me to marry by black mailing ......after sex can I keep distance from her by vadhikaran mantra....plz help me.....Waiting for reply

  12. can i come to nahri?
    i have a very serious problem

  13. Guru ji mei comment post kar raha hu so nahi ho raha ha muje

  14. Yar me pots kar raha hu likh kar ye to so hi nahi kar raha hai

  15. pranam guruji , meri mother in law mujhe har waqt neecha dikhati rehti hai , mere husband mujhe protect karna chahte hai to unse yeh kehti hai ki unhone kuchh nahin kaha , sasuraal mein mere saath achha vyavhaar nahi hota , ek be aulaad hone ka tana marte hai , mere husband ka kaam bhi theek se nahin chalta , aur meri naukri kabhi lagti hai kabhi chhoot jaati hai.. yehi vajah hai.. kripya koi samadhaan batayein .

  16. Hello sir Me apse help chahta hu,, me ek ladki ko bahot pyaar karta hu aur vo b mujhe bahot pyaar karti hai aur hum dono ek dusre se shaadi karna chahte hain but ladki ke ghr vale uske liye local ladko ko dekh rhe hain aur kisi pandit ko uski kundali dikhayi thi to unne bataya ki uski shaadi kahi 200 km ke aspa hogi aur aise hi bataya sab kuch to hum dono bahot pareshan hain aur wk dusre se alag nai hona chahte bilkul b to kya kare kaise ek dusre se shaadi ho hamari pariwar ke sabi logo ke ashirwad se plz mujhe bataiye meri help kariye me bahot dar rha hu pandit ji plz help kare......

  17. Mujhe koi saral upay bataye taki me apne pyaar ko apni life me la saku aur shaadi kar saku usse....

  18. Mujhe study mein first ana hai lakin mare ko study mein bahut problem ata hai iska koi upay bataei guruji

  19. Mai CLG mai first ana chahata hu lekin mera study main bahut problem aa raha hai esliye mereko koi upay batayiye

  20. Guruji, please tell me a very powerful shabar mantra to get my love back....Guruji please tell me photo vashikaran mantra...

  21. Guruji,please tell me very powerful shabar vashikaran mantra using photo so that I can get my love back....

  22. Guruji kya main apse milkar apse apni problem ko solve karwa skti hu? Main bhoht pareshan hu plz bataye kya main ashram aa skti hu.. plz app mujhe email kare Asap plz meri mail id hai suparnakarmarkar@gmail.com

  23. Aslamo alaikum guru ji kya aap mujhe prize bond ke no de sakte hen, ya mujhe batain men kon se no. ka government bond kharedon,plz plz plz bond no batain,


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