गुरु जी के अचूक, चमत्कारी उपाय व् करामाती टोने टोटके

*** हिंदी में – IN HINDI VERSION: यौन शक्ति और संभोग सुख का वशीकरण मंत्र | अत्यंत तीव्र मुस्लिम शाबर वशीकरण मन्त्र प्रयोग | असली प्राचीन वशीकरण मंत्र | काले जादू की काट और उसको पलटना | मनचाहा प्यार पाने का अचूक शाबर मन्त्र | | धन लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति का अचूक चमत्कारी मायावी मंत्र | प्रभावी और अचूक वशीकरण सीखें घर पर ही, बिल्कुल आसान व् सरल प्रयोंगों से


IF Your Husband doesn’t Love You

If your husband doesn’t love you and he has love for any other person then this is really very shameful experience for you if you could not attract your husband. In such case just use the ritual given below which will break the attraction of your husband toward another woman and he will start attract toward you.
Husband don’t have love feeling for you
Husband don’t have love feeling for you

Only a woman can imagine and feel that if her husband love another woman instead of her then what will pass on her heart. She will feel very bad and can do the suicide but this is not correct way. Always remember that suicide is not the solution of any problem. So leave the little and bad thinking and try whatever we are giving here. This will show the effect immediately and your happiness will be come back soon.
IF Your Husband doesn’t Love You
IF Your Husband doesn’t Love You

What must you do If your husband doesn’t love you?

-      Arrange the red cotton cloth purse or wallet, yellow mustard seeds, 2 energized Gomati Chakr.

-      Now on the Saturday put the these two Gomati Chakras on the red cotton cloth on wooden table and sprinkle the sea water or Ganga Jal on both of them.

-      Note – your name and your husband name should be written on the gomati chakra. Now put both chakras and yellow mustard seed in red cotton cloth purse or wallet.

-      Hold bag in hands and move it 7 times above the head of you and your husband clockwise.

-      Now put it in the almirah and light the Ghee Lamp daily there.

This is the complete process which can also use to vashikaran your husband or pati. This is also called Vashikara totka for husband or pati. This is the simple, easy and powerful way which can help you If your husband doesn’t love you.

Husband love another Woman
Husband love another Woman
Husband doesn’t like you, Husband don’t have love feeling for you, Husband love another Woman, Husband Vashikaran Totka, Pati Vashikaran totka, how to get husband love. 


 गुरु जी के अचूक, चमत्कारी उपाय व् करामाती टोने टोटके
Woman Have Quarrel With Her Always
IF Your Husband doesn’t Love You

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3. आगंतुक अगर ब्लॉग को नहीं देखना चाहता तो ही ईबूक्स खरीदे अन्यथा ब्लॉग पर ही सभी मंत्र दिए गए है।
4. मारण कर्म का प्रयोग तभी करना है जब आपके अपने प्राण संकट में हो और कोई भी रास्ता आपके बचने का न हो तब आप अपनी रक्षा के लिए इसका प्रयोग कर सकते है। अन्यथा इसका प्रयोग आपको पाप का भागीदार बना देगा ।


  1. Dear Guru’ji:

    My Self, Prerak Patel from Ahmedabad. And I am suffering a marital discord.

    Problem Details:

    v We get married 3 year back. We have one kid too. My wife is constantly not living with us. My wife just used to stay for 6 days whenever she come to our home then on 7th day , My wife make conflict without any reason with us then she went her home. This is her typical pattern.

    v My wife did exactly the same things 6 month ago and now she is at her mother home and we tried many time to get her back but her family members are not responding at all.

    v My wife always make conflict with my mother without any reason though i am not taking my mother side but here my mother is correct as my mother do all house work and still My wife make conflict with my mother.

    v From my study point of view , I find that her family member especially her mother , one more person is responsible

    I tried to take service with many vashikaran specialists in Ahmedabad itself but she is not back with us.

    I want your help in order to solve above so we both can live peacefully and can enjoy good marital life.

    I would appreciate your feedback early.

    With best regards,

    Prerak Patel


  2. Guruji,
    Internet se apka email id mila. mere shaadi ko 7 saal ho chuke hai. lekin pati muze pyar nahi karte. hum dono alag alag khana pakate hai aur khate hai. mera pati aour sans ek tarph our me 1 tarph. abhitak bacchhe bhi nahi hai. pati sirf sex ke liya muzpr jabardasti karta hai. meri tarph uska koi bhi lagav nahi hai. sex karne nahi diya to bahot marta hai. aur mere family me (mayke me) koi bhi nahi hai. mere mummy pappa gujar chuke hai. aur hamesha raat me muze ghar se bhar niklne ke liya bola jata hai pita jata hai. kuch aisa karo ki mere pati sirf mera sune me jaisa chahu waisa kare. muze aaj tak unki salary bhi pata nahi hai.

    plz. meri maddat karo.

    1. Manisha Ji, IF Your Husband doesn’t Love You and beat you then just do the ritual as given above. It will help you definitely...

  3. Paree Rani परी रानीJune 25, 2015 at 12:14 AM

    Muje aisi book cahiye jisse
    sare kam kr saku
    noukri govt. Hona
    ek frend ka talak ruka hi use talk karvana bahut paresan hi
    mi garib hu to bahut rs hona

    ap batiye kon si book hi jisme sare kam purn ho sajte hi
    our kitne rs. Ki hogi

    1. Paree Rani ji, Unable to understand your requirement. Please write clearly and correctly - IF Your Husband doesn’t Love You

  4. Hello Dr. Nath

    I'm Naino from Canada. I've came across your website and I purchased your "ex-love e-book". Really need your help ASAP!!

    Which spell or mantra should I use to get my ex-husband back? Here's my story we've been divorced from last 5-6years, but we were still seeing and talking to each other it's on and off, then last couple of years we haven't talked to each other because third person told him that I'm having a affair with this third person (he showed my husband phone call logs and pics, I was talking to this person on a business matter but not for affair purpose, but this third guy manipulate the phone call and got my pics from somewhere and showed to my husband that I'm having affair with him) at this time we both me n my ex both were thinking to get back together, but suddenly he stopped talking to me without even asking me if its true or not, then after few months I decided to talk my ex to figure out what happened why he stopped talking to me all of the sudden then he told me this whole story about this guy, I told him it's not true, I tried so hard to convince him but he did not. Then I had to go back home for family emergency and this 1.5 years we had no contact (couple of miss call from both side) then suddenly my dad passed away I was in grief so I called him and we started to talking to each other again now he stopped seeing me not even he stopped picking my phone. I'm so frustrated and going crazy day by day. What should I do?

    On the side note this is my love marriage, his family never likes me from day one but he was supporting me when I was with him (in the beginning but day by day he got influenced by his family) then he divorced me under his family pressure then after few year he realized that he still love me and started talking to me and he separated from his family to get back with me, but his family give him lots of emotional pressure (he never tells or ask me anything it's just I felt this).

    Please help me, he's not listening what I'm trying to say, he doesn't want to live with me, he never sort it out any problem, I was the one who initiates the conversation he never does. He always says this all happen because of Me only, he's not taking any responsibility, that's fine.....but Please tell me something that his whole family including himself comes to me to talk about getting back together in a very short time and accept me with my self-respect.

    I've a lots of Hope from you Dr. Nath and have read peoples testimonials that your spell worked like a charm in their life, I've been to many places to fix my marriage but nothing happened, it feels like his parents have done something on him to control his mind. Anyway please don't break my faith, I've a full faith on you, please tell me something that works ASAP and he comes back to me to give me my self-respect including his family.
    Waiting eagerly for your reply. Please help me it's Urgent!! I can call you if you want, but please help me on this, I would be really appreciated!

    Thank You

    1. Sure I will tell you very effective rituals, but you will have do hard work for 40 days, your all problem will solved ....

      I need your current photographs (you and your husband), then i will explain you further ...

    2. Hello Dr. Yogi,

      Thank you for replying back. I do not have any current photo since we are not talking that much but the one i am attaching with this e-mail is old photo (taken after my divorce when he came back and wanted to live with me this photo was taken by same time and in same year we got separate again) hope this will help you. Let me know if you need any thing else. On the side note last time i spoke to him this May 19 and i asked him about living together and get marry again but he said "NO" he still saying the same thing about third guy that i had a relationship with him, and top of that he saying "why are you bringing this now after 1.5 years" and i told him "I was the one who intiated this at that time and now too, i was busy because, my dad was strugling with cancer back home and later he passed away". He does not want to listen anything. What should i do please guide me?? Should i go talk to this third person, his name starts with "H" if this will help you.
      Please help me, i can do anything to bring back his family and himself. But more important with my respect. Let me know if this photo works or should i send another one. Waiting for your reply.

    3. Ok, Start Master spells ritual first with tratak kriya. Just read out and let me know about your doubts. Then I will Guide Further ...

    4. Also forgot to ask I can not do tratak kriya for that long, I can hold only 1 min, and please provide me the details of Master Spell, when should I start, what are timings for how long?
      And what did you find out when you looked into my photo?

    5. I got Master Spell, it says that I've to burn coal or dung but I can not do both because houses here in Canada have smoke alarm, it will go on if I burn it. Yes I can light diya everyday. And also want to confirm it says I've to chant for 1 hour with tratak, as I said I can not do more than a minute but I will practice. Also want to confirm I don't have any river or creek near my house so can I fill this mug regular tap water every morning before chanting.
      Can I chant this mantra regular too I mean in day time with morning practice or it has to be in morning time only??

    6. Ok,But can you not use incense also ? Use Gugle incense if possible.

      - Yes do 1 hours in morning and other time which will suit you, but need to do daily in routine on same time..
      - you can use tap water. but you can arrange one bottle of river or sea water, then daily use 2 -3 drops sea water in your tap water mug ...

    7. I've been doing this for 10 days now, it seems like nothing is working here in Canada, it's been more than month now he didn't call me once. What else can I do in Canada now?? Give me something stronger than this, I'm already doing this but give me more stronger spell to call him back or his family, so they or he can call me or meet me on its own. I mean give me something works like a magic.
      Also wants to ask is this has to be done in one time or I can stop in period time and continue again??
      Please help me I'm no where to go except you here in Canada.

    8. You have two ways... 1. Slow and steady wins the race and for this never check your status before completion the ritual and ritual will called that where you will do if properly and perfectly. then it will work like magic but time required
      2. Do and use highly spirits ritual - that rituals will do work immediately within 72 hours, you can do it under the instruction of anyexpert master, without expert master you should not do it. Then it will work like magic immediately without taking much time.

      Remember rituals never bounded in physical location either your are living in Canada or in USA or in UK you just follow the rules and complete the ritual whether you are living in Canada ...

      - during periods you need to stop it and after that you can start it again ...

  5. Hi, I am from Texas, USA ....

    I completed 40 days ritual last week as provided on ritual on your website, I did this with trust n hard work, I'm grateful that 40 days are completed. There are so much different i am seeing in my husband who has left me,but he didn't even call me, I called him few times but and he picked up my phone. What should I do now that he will call me and come to me, please guide me from here, I want him to come back with his family. Please help me!! --- From IF Your Husband doesn’t Love You ...

    1. You have done this ritual for 40 days
      - Do you complete it as provided in according to rules provided in Master spells ebook ... ?
      - If yes then how much time you (In Hours) you can do tratak without blinking your eyes? If its minimum 1 Hour then following steps need to do now ...

      Because if you have done it for 40 days properly then definitely you can bring your desired person in the light of lamp with your powerful imagination during tratak and order that person to come to you, The target person cannot ignore your order now because of the pressure of your mind and desire power

    2. Here in Texas, USA due to busy environment I could not follow all rules,

      But I have tried to do this according to rules provided in website. I had already some issues in eyes so I tried without blinking my eyes, it was hard. So you are saying just do same thing and nothing else apart from this. If there's anything else you want me to add in this, it would be really appreciated!!
      I've another question is this is same way to find out my questions answers, I mean what's the best way to find out my answer without doubting my question or without second guess. I want to study ahead, so looking for my best options but confused which way to go, please help in this too.

      Thank you

    3. Dear

      I didn't know that you were expecting me about the signs or symptoms, I thought once you had told me the procedure I had to do no matter what.
      Yes something similar happened to me what you've mentioned. I've seen images of Shiva and Durga only. Because I was doing sun tratak before I didn't get other symptoms with lamp tratak. It was hard in the beginning to do 15mins for me then I practice a lot only I managed to do 1hour.
      Also you told me to do only 1hour not 1.5hr.
      I haven't stopped this I'm still doing this. Please tell me other things which I can add to this ritual to make this more effective. I really appreciate. Can I also call you on your smartphone or mobile no?

      Thank you

    4. IF you are currently doing this then it is really great thing. You said you have done it according to given ebook, but in ebook its given for 4 hours. i have suggested you for 1 hours because you are new in this ritual but its never mean that you will get success in this little time, I will suggest you to make practice of 1.5 hour at-least without blinking your eyes, because once you have done it and get success in it then definitely not only this one problem even all your daily problems will be solved by you using this method easily ... and even you can help other persons for their problems ...

  6. Sir meri shadi ko 4 small hogye h. AK beta h Mera 1.8 year ka. Mere husband shadi k 2 mahine tak to sexually active the bt dhere dhere he stopped taking interest in me. Now we don't have sex even 1 time. He Mastroianni that's it. I even have talked bt no result. He used to tell every single thing happened between us to his mother that made my relations worst with my mother in law. I told him to stop doing this bt he still does. He doesn't even understand me. I am very depressed what should I do please suggest me.

  7. Sir meri shadi ko 4 small hogye h. AK beta h Mera 1.8 year ka. Mere husband shadi k 2 mahine tak to sexually active the bt dhere dhere he stopped taking interest in me. Now we don't have sex even 1 time. He Mastroianni that's it. I even have talked bt no result. He used to tell every single thing happened between us to his mother that made my relations worst with my mother in law. I told him to stop doing this bt he still does. He doesn't even understand me. I am very depressed what should I do please suggest me.

  8. sir meri friend ki abhi nai nai shadi hue hai , apbhi sal bhi nai hua ar uske husband use pyar nai karte vo sara din apne kam k piche hi bhagte rehte hai ,uske sath ache se time bhi nai spend karte bas rat k time hi uske sath hote hai. To kya app uski Love problem ka solution nikal sakte ho kya ? plz reply soon sir ..

  9. Hi I'm Shraddha.. .guruji apka email id Kya hai...plz help me