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When Your Husband Drink Unlimited Too Much

When your husband drink unlimited or too much alcoholic person then definitely life became hell. Because he never can think about his wife or children. He waste all money in drink and even for primary requirement could not be complete. After all his health become worst completely and he gone died before time period. So to prevent such condition what a wife can do to remove addict of drink from her husband? How she can process and what she can do for it?

What must do When Your Husband Drink alcohol Unlimited and Too Much?

-      This is the problem of those families where husband spent lot of or all money on drink. This addict destroys the family badly.

-      So alert for the situation as given below. When your husband come after drink at night and when he put off his shoes and sit or lay on bed then check his shoes.

-      When your sandal and his shoes turn upside down (जूता उल्टा होना), then take wheat flour equal to the weight of sandal and shoes.

-      Without using cylinder and set of bread, prepare the bread (Tandoori Roti) using hands only and offer it to dog.

-      Slowly – 2 your husband will start hatred (नफरत) to drink and if you find such incident continuously 3 times then definitely immediately you husband will leave the drink forever and hatred always to it.

This is very simple and powerful way or method to remove the addict of drinking of your husband. You should do this process at any cost When Your Husband Drink Unlimited Too Much.
When Your Husband Drink Unlimited Too Much
When Your Husband Drink Unlimited Too Much

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When Your Husband Drink Unlimited Too Much

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  1. Guru ji pranam,
    Guru ji, my elder brother use to drink and most of the time after drinking he misbehaves not only with his wife but also with us and which is making our family upset. Pls Guru ji help me that I can help his wife to do the above ritual. Guru ji in the above ritual something is making me confused which I don't understand properly and that is. (Without using cylinder and set of bread, prepare the break using hands only and offer it to dog.). Pls Guru ji make me clear which is in the above bracket.
    Thank you Guru ji.

    1. prepare the bread not break and its mean you need to cook Tandori roti for this 'When Your Husband Drink Unlimited Too Much' ritual ...

  2. Guru ji, do I need to use salt, ghee on the tandoori roti. Pls reply me Guru ji.
    Thank you very much guru ji for replying.

    1. No Salt but instead of ghee you can use Mustard oil and jaggery if possible

  3. Guru ji meri biwi thodi pschyo type ki hai..baat baat pe ghussa karti hai..hamesha Ghar me kalesh rehta hai..smaan utha utha kar fekti hai..upay btao