गुरु जी के अचूक, चमत्कारी उपाय व् करामाती टोने टोटके

*** हिंदी में – IN HINDI VERSION: यौन शक्ति और संभोग सुख का वशीकरण मंत्र | अत्यंत तीव्र मुस्लिम शाबर वशीकरण मन्त्र प्रयोग | असली प्राचीन वशीकरण मंत्र | काले जादू की काट और उसको पलटना | मनचाहा प्यार पाने का अचूक शाबर मन्त्र | | धन लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति का अचूक चमत्कारी मायावी मंत्र | प्रभावी और अचूक वशीकरण सीखें घर पर ही, बिल्कुल आसान व् सरल प्रयोंगों से


Youth Spells to Keep Young Always

Each and every one either that is female or male always want to achieve eternal youth. Nobody want to grow old and desired to remain young all time and all life.

Even since from our ancient time human is very curious and forward for eternal youth. Human apply lot of different -2 styles and formulas to keep their selves young always.

How can Achieve Eternal Youth or How to use youth spells to keep young always?

-      Sun is the symbol of brightness so worship of sun is mandatory for those who have such desire to keep their-self young always.

-      Arrange the bronze mug and daily offer Jal to sun after sun worship with Surya Gayatra as given below:

Surya Gayatri Mantra:

Om Bhaskaray Vidyhe, Divakaray Dhi Mahi, Tanno 

Bhanu Prachodayat

How can achieve eternal youth
How can achieve eternal youth

-      Above process can be done in river it will be more effective, just stand in river where you have water level up to your back then do worship and jal offer to deity Sun.

-      During Full Moon period Friday, wake up early in morning, take bath and sit on blanket asan and face should towards east.

-      Now take white hakik or white saftik rosary to chant the 21 rosary spells as given below.

Following is Youth Spells to keep young always:-

ॐ ऐं सौंदर्य सिद्धि ऐं ॐ।
Youth Spells to Keep Young Always
Youth Spells to Keep Young Always

Om Ainm Saundary Siddhi Ainm Om |

You need to do this ritual for 7 Friday continue. After ritual wrap this rosary in white cloth and flow in flowing water in any canal or river.

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  1. Namatey guruji.. yeh apke mantra bht hi acha hai is se har insan young dikh sakhta hai ar apne
    Love ko choti se choti ar barhi se barhi umar me hasil kar sakhta hai.