गुरु जी के अचूक, चमत्कारी उपाय व् करामाती टोने टोटके

*** हिंदी में – IN HINDI VERSION: यौन शक्ति और संभोग सुख का वशीकरण मंत्र | अत्यंत तीव्र मुस्लिम शाबर वशीकरण मन्त्र प्रयोग | असली प्राचीन वशीकरण मंत्र | काले जादू की काट और उसको पलटना | मनचाहा प्यार पाने का अचूक शाबर मन्त्र | | धन लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति का अचूक चमत्कारी मायावी मंत्र | प्रभावी और अचूक वशीकरण सीखें घर पर ही, बिल्कुल आसान व् सरल प्रयोंगों से


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How to get rid of enemy शाबर धूमावती साधना SHABAR DHOOMAVATI SADHNA

How to get rid of enemy, शाबर धूमावती साधना,  SHABAR DHOOMAVATI SADHNA.

Ten Mahavidyaon seventh place in the mother and the mother of Dhoomawati this form is very fierce! This pattern is called the mother but the mother Alkshmi Not withstanding Alkshmi swaroopaa Lakshmi! According to one theory has it that the sacrifice sacrifice Prajapati Daksha did not invite Shiva! Mother Sati considered it an insult to Shiva and his body was burned in the fire that destroyed and the smoke from the fire woke her mother took the form of Dhumawati! There are many stories similar to the origin of Mother Dhumawati some of which is based on mythology and some folk beliefs! Nath sect were worshipers of the famous yogi proven Charptnath Dhumawati mother-in-law! Composed numerous treatises on Dhumawati mother and he also composed a number of spells Shabar
How to get rid of enemy
How to get rid of enemy
Here I am gives you a popular mantra of Mother Dhumawati which gives the effect very soon!!
When stuck in court proceedings or in court, etc. The use spells on enemies to be disturbed!
Dhoomavati Shabar Mantra
Dhoomavati Shabar Mantra
Man becomes strong and fearless after the worship of mother Dhumawati and the enemies sees him become mute...

|| मंत्र ||--
काग दत्तो बिकोवा।
धड़ित धड़ धडात।
ध्यायमान भवानी दैत्यनाम।
देहनाशनाम तोड्यांती।
पिशाचा त्रिहाप त्रिहाप हसंती।
खड़त खद खदात।
त्रिरोष मम धूमावती

नौ नाथ चौरासी सिद्धों के बीच बैठ कर धूमावती मंत्र स्वाहा:
शाबर धूमावती साधना
शाबर धूमावती साधना


Om Kaag Datto Bikoova|
Dhadit Dhad Dhadaat |
Dhyaaymaan Bhawani Daitynaam |
Dehnashnaam  Todyaanti |
Pisaacha Trihaap Trihaap Hasanti |
Khadat Khad Khadaat |
Trirosh Mm Dhumawati |

Nau Naath Chaurasi Sidhon ke Beech Baith kar Dhumawati Mantra Swaha : |

This Dhomawati Mantra Sadhana is specially arranged to remove the enemy. If you have powerful, dangerous and ragged enemy then definitely Sadhak should do this enemy removal sadhana.

This mantra is especially only for those sadhak who have desire How to get rid of enemy. The Ritual is given below about this Dhumawati Shabar Mantra Sadhana to remove your all type of furious and dangerous enemies.

|| How to do this Shabar Dhoomavati Sadhna ||
Shabar Dhoomavati Sadhna is the Ritual of 40 days, the mantra to recite 11 rosary every night after 10 PM ! burning mustard Oil lamp and pay to the mother pudding! the mantra chanting to out of the house! Will prove or activate to be the mantra!

During Chanting keep following thing in mind:
1. Face should in south direction and on Black Blanket for Asan.
2. Rosary should be of Rudraksh
3. It should start from the Tuesday.

| How to Get Rid of Enemy by this Shabar Dhoomavati Sadhan Power |

After the end of Shabar Dhumawati Sadhna ritual you need to do the following Prayer to Goddess Dhumawai daily for 40 days:

OR If you are facing the enemy then chant above provided Dhoomavati Mantra 108 times and then Prayer the following

हे माँ ! मेरे  (अमुक)  शत्रु के घर में निवास करो ! “

“Hey maa ! mere (amuk) shatru ke ghar mein niwas karo!”

Note: Put Name OF Enemy in place of Amuk

Due to This Dhoomavati Shabar Mantra Sadhana for How to get rid of enemy, You will get rid of enemy soon. After that your enemy will disappear and never come in front of you.

Warning :- This How to get rid of enemy Ritual need to do only when you are facing the dangerous enemy who is really danger for your life otherwise never use this Shabar Dhumawati Sadhana. It will be sinful act and the misuse of Holy Mantra.

Sidh Vashikaran Mantra
Shuker Dant Shabar Mantra
भैरव वशीकरण मन्त्र 

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3. आगंतुक अगर ब्लॉग को नहीं देखना चाहता तो ही ईबूक्स खरीदे अन्यथा ब्लॉग पर ही सभी मंत्र दिए गए है।
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